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Info February 1st, 2012

Hello and welcome to fleshlight reviews at Pleasure Heaven. Find user submitted reviews written by fleshlight fans and information on this unique sex toy. The fleshlight is the #1 male sex toy, and for good reason. It’s the closest thing to fucking a girl. It feels like real pussy! Lube it up, heat it up, and you’ll be having a blast. Women don’t have any hangups using sex toys so why should men? Maybe your wife or girlfriend is away so you want to fuck and not cheat on her, or maybe you just want something that feels 100 times better than using your hand. There are many good reasons for using a fleshlight for masturbation, but the bottomline is that it feels so great. You won’t go back to using your hand after experiencing this sex toy. Read the reviews on the various types of these toys and order yours today.

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Turn on your fleshlight

Info October 30th, 2011

The thought of the intensity and excitement that comes from being inside of a woman’s tight, warm, perfectly shaped pussy is something that no man can ever keep out of his mind for very long. Yet, in our busy lives we may find times when we simply don’t have access to a sexual partner but are nonetheless burning with erotic desire and yearning for sex.

It’s times like these that Fleshlight was made for, times when the possibility of the most mind-blowing sex you have ever had can be recreated in the privacy of your room. All you need is your easy to carry, portable Fleshlight there to take you to realms of fantasy, desire, and sexual satisfaction as great as any you have ever experienced.

If you’re not familiar with Fleshlight, your first question is, “What is a Fleshlight?” Fleshlight is nothing less than an anatomically accurate, meticulously crafted, and extensively tested simulation of sexual parts (pussy, mouth and ass) that allows a man to enter the Fleshlight simulation physically, receiving the entire range of pleasure and sensation that he would get inside of a live woman’s mouth, pussy or ass. Its unequalled potential for pleasure is becoming legendary as more and more men find it the ultimate way to experience sexual gratification as never before possible.

Fleshlight is not one of the generic silicon masturbatory aids that long dominated the market with poor quality products that were not only unsatisfying but unsafe to use as well. Fleshlight is 100 percent safe and sensitive to the fact that it will be in intense and intimate contact with the most personal and private area of a man’s body. The safety and security of Fleshlight is itself a most worthy accomplishment, but that is only the beginning of the groundbreaking work the sexperts at Fleshlight have undertaken. For the Fleshlight mission is nothing less than providing not simply one, but numerous, unique sexual caverns of pleasure so you can experience what it would be like to enter the pussies of various women, be sucked off by their luscious mouths, or penetrate them anally.

Fleshlight: Inside and Out

Info October 30th, 2011

fleshlight sleevesThe variety of Fleshlight products provides something for every taste. Humorous Fleshlight cases feature various fictional brands of beer that hold your option of sleeve, as we all know that beer and sex are two of a man’s truest loves! There are Fleshlights for a more extreme fantasy experience; even a vampire model that will delight you if you’re a fan of True Blood and all the erotic intensity of that gothic underworld of dark passion.

Other Fleshlights have a more non-descript outer shell, and are available in a canister that resembles a flashlight, hence the product’s name. This not only allows it to be easily portable and protect the sleeve when not in use, but permits discreet storage at home, motel rooms or anywhere you wish to bring it, as it will attract no unwarranted attention unlike other sex toys that one has to carefully secure away from people.

It is the internal inner textures where fleshlight truly makes its mark, taking masturbation and solo ejaculation to bold new worlds where no man has ever gone, or make that ever cum, before! For Fleshlight offers something more, something that will astound and amaze you even as it rocks your cock and stuns your senses. These are the Fleshlight Girls: inner sleeves modeled and molded on the actual pussies, asses and luscious mouths of today’s hottest, sexiest and sluttiest porn stars.

Fleshlight’s dedication to realism in recreating sexual organs, asses, and mouths for you to penetrate is extraordinary, but Fleshlight, as you might well expect, does not stop with a stunning visual recreation of sex organs. The sleeves that fit inside each fFeshlight are available in various inner textures, each with unique attributes. Each one offers different degrees of sensation and produces subtle changes in pressure and touch as you penetrate the Fleshlight more deeply.

Fleshlight for couples

Info October 30th, 2011

You might think that buying a masturbation aid for your man is something you would never do. But just as more and more men are finding out that there is a great deal to be gained by sharing their lover’s exploration of vibrators and dildos and other sex toys, women are learning that they, too, can benefit and enhance their sex lives by exploring the use of toys with their men. With the Fleshlight, it’s now possible to explore male sexuality to a degree never before known, as couples everywhere begin their journey to better sex and greater intimacy through the power of the Fleshlight.

The Fleshlight is a revolutionary new way for men to experience the pleasures and sensations of being inside of a woman, and as such, it offers women the opportunity to discover the way their lover most enjoys sex. You can now watch how your lover most loves to penetrate a woman, seeing his thrusts and strokes, hearing his reactions to the various sensations provided by the Fleshlight, and even helping him improve his stamina. You will have the ability to help guide him to better and more lasting orgasms, and help him adjust his rhythm so he will be able to find your own sweetest spots every time.

The Fleshlight is also a great tool for making sure you never have to worry about fidelity, as your man won’t be tempted to stray when he is away from you. Knowing that you have given him the means to have the most intense and satisfying orgasms short of your own loving touch, he will use his Fleshlight when you are apart, and you can bet that his fantasies will be all about you as he is receiving the uniquely pleasurable experience that only Fleshlight can offer.

The Fleshlight is a remarkably pleasurable way for men to share their sexual desires and explore new possibilities for erotic fulfillment with their lovers. The Fleshlight has only begun to be used by couples to deepen their bonds, but once you begin playing with it, you’ll think of new and creative ways to use it to enhance your sex life.

Fleshlight: Safe and Easy to Use

Info October 30th, 2011

Interactive Life Forms is the name of the company behind Fleshlight, and while the name hints of some futuristic life-sized model that it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see these geniuses invent one day, right now the interactive life form is the impossibly real replication of sexual intercourse. Amazingly real vaginal, anal, and oral sex is now finally possible with this innovative, affordable, and widely available unique technology.

Fleshlight’s safety and ease of use may not be as mind-blowing as the amazing orgasm it can provide, but these traits make Fleshlight even more of a must-have for men. Fleshlight is made of material that is non-toxic and non-irritating, so you never have to worry as there are no health risks. It’s also completely safe to use as hard as you want, as the Superskin material is pliable, so you can experiment all you want with as much or as little pressure, pace and the intensity of your thrusts knowing Fleshlight is strong yet yielding.

Fleshlight is durable and easy to clean, so and that means that there is no need for lengthy preparations between use and you’ll never have to be concerned about what shape your Fleshlight is in. Water is all you’ll need most of the time, and for occasional more thorough cleanings you can apply a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. But you won’t need the types of sterilization required for silicone and plastic toys that make you think you’re running a medical lab!

There is only a brief preparation time required for using the fleshlight, as you will need to heat the sleeve in warm water, though you’ll never want to boil it or let it get it too hot. Then you simply put the sleeve in the case and you’ll be ready to go. It’s quick, simple and easy to prepare. Thanks to fleshlight, whenever you have the need, you have the means to go far beyond simply jerking off to satisfy your erotic urges and desires; now you’ll feel as if you are with the babe of your dreams, any you want her to be with you!

Beyond The Fleshlight

Info October 30th, 2011

So, you’ve found out the secret that so many men have been sharing, online, in gyms, bars, and everywhere men get together—the Fleshlight! This amazing sex toy is nothing less than a life-changing, transformative masturbatory aid that will give you the kinds of orgasms you may only have had with the very best of your lovers. It’s portable, easy to use and care for, and comes in a variety of designs that will have you cumming time after time.

But there is even more to fleshlight than the features most widely known–the Fleshlight Girls series that replicates the sexual parts of the world’s hottest porn stars and brings them to you. Or the whimsical Sex in a Can series which even ahs a vampire themed fleshlight.

Beyond the fun and wildly exotic erotic sex, Fleshlight offers accessories you need to know about to realize the full potential of this product with seemingly unlimited potential to tease, please, and release every tension in mind-shattering and body quaking orgasms.

First of all, Fleshlight sells mounts made by Liberator that allow you to position the Fleshlight so it is stable and you can truly have the experience of having sex. These range from simple and inexpensive to pricier and more elaborate, but they will ensure you won’t have to wedge the Fleshlight on your couch or bed, and can comfortable experience the throbbing power of Fleshlight.

But there is still more, as Fleshlight not only takes your solo sexual experience to new dimensions of powerful pleasure, but can help you become a better and longer lasting lover. The Stamina Training Unit has uniquely patterned textures to help you last longer and comes with a free booklet to help you learn techniques that you can practice with your Fleshlight, and then use to delight and amaze your woman!

If that’s still not enough, Fleshlight even sells size enhancers to increase your penis size. Along with all the other tools and techniques you will have learned from Fleshlight, this will certainly ensure that you will get your woman hot, wet and wild every time!