Fleshlight demo

May 17th, 2012

If you have never used a fleshlight before then it can be a bit intimidating figuring out exactly how to use it effectively. Depending on the type of fleshlight that you end up buying you want to ensure that you know what is going to be involved and it’s important to follow all the instructions properly.

Some of the fleshlights that you purchase come with a fleshlight demo so that you know how to handle it properly including how to keep it clean. Since the canister is shut at the one end, when you ejaculate, the semen is captured in the sleeve so you need to ensure that you clean it properly after each and every use. This is for sanitary reasons of course, but also to make sure that the lifespan of your fleshlight is maximized. You don’t want to have it wear out prematurely just because you didn’t take care of it properly.

There are lots of fleshlight videos online and if you still have questions about exactly how to use your new sex toy then you can certainly watch a couple and get all your questions answered. For the most part they are not difficult to use but some of the fleshlights including the fleshlight vibro have additional components that again have to be taken care of and handled properly in order to make sure they last a long time.

There are fleshlights that you can adjust the pressure depending on how you screw on and off the cap at the end, so that is also something that you might need to figure out. Other fleshlight demos will show you how to use other fleshlight accessories such as the fleshlight apparatus that allows you to use the fleshlights hands free. That definitely opens up a few more options for having fun and it’s something that appeals to a lot of men.

If you think you want to learn even more techniques or tricks on how to use your fleshlight, then certainly by watching a few fleshlight demos you will become a master in no time at all. But for the most part, using a fleshlight to masturbate with is not rocket science. They all come with the basic instructions and once you remove the cap, insert some lubrication, you basically just slide over the end of your cock and pump away.

If you have never used a fleshlight before then you are in for a real treat. The fleshlights are so lifelike you are not going to believe you are not fucking a real woman. They have been so specifically designed to look and feel so much like a woman’s pussy you are going to be shocked to realize once your cock is pumping away that it is in fact just a toy.

So there are lots of great reasons to watch a fleshlight demo but the best way to really learn how to use one is just to buy one for yourself and practice. Practice does make perfect and masturbating with a fleshlight properly really benefits from lots and lots of practice. So what are you waiting for – quite watching other guys having all the fun on those fleshlight demos and get ready to make your own demo yourself! Now that’s where the fun really is!

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